How to click interview

Interviews are the first step to reach success. The sooner you click the interview for your dream job, faster will you be able to climb the ladder of success. All one needs to fare in an interview is complete knowledge of the subject with which the job is related. One more thing will play a vital role i.e. confidence. It’s a well-known fact that some people are born leaders.

But what if you are not?

We can imbibe certain qualities by getting inspired by others and work hard for it. In other words, knowing some very important tips will make a good impression which will turn the interview in your favor. Take complete time to prepare so that you can make the best possible impression.

Some interview techniques to give you an edge on the basics to polish up your interview:

  1. Arriving before the appointed time

Reaching the office at the destined time or 10 to 15 minutes early always saves the interviewee last minute hassle. This will give you some time to get used to the atmosphere and relax. This time can be utilized to absorb the information about people around and the company.

  1. Choosing a statement dress

Your dressing sense will reveal the secret about your personality. Formal business suits for men and formal dresses or saris for women are highly recommended. Research about the workplace and the outfit that will fit for the potential employer will be fruitful. Standard attire includes something not very flashy.

  1. Oozing confidence inside the room

When the interviewer gets your first glimpse he slightly judges your presentation. If one enters the room with a smile, the panelists of the interview find out that they are hiring a cheerful person. Convince them that you will add a positive atmosphere inside the office premises.

While your gait, your firm posture and realigned movement in the hall will convey your complete confidence, greeting everyone with firm handshake will already make you a considerable candidate. When you have made a presentable entry you don’t want to spoil it by a weak or extra strong handshake. Also maintaining eye contact with the questioner will ensure you have passed the crucial first few seconds.

  1. Mastering the self Introduction

Everyone wonders that why despite having listed all the details about yourself in the resume, the interviewer still likes to start the session by asking you “Tell me something about yourself?”

It is true that this is the most possible question one can expect. The answer to this question gives the interviewer an insight into your verbal communication skills. A well-prepared answer like a parrot…is a big no.

Preparing a structured reply will be a huge yes. It means remembering the points and expanding them in your own words.

5. Take time before answering

One must take appropriate time like 30 seconds and sum up the important points in his/her mind before starting to answer a particular question. This will not make one nervous if the fluency breaks.  

6. Matching their frequency

Matching the frequency can be explained as aping or mirroring an interviewer.

It means show enthusiasm if the person sitting before you is in that mood. If the person is serious and somber, try to subdue yourself according to him/her. More importantly, stick with a more appropriate posture and matching the person’s disposition.

7. Stay positive even if it seems that you have lost it

Keep your cool and staying positive are two important keywords which will keep you sailing through the whole interview. All the hurdles of the interview can be overcome if one maintains inner peace.

An introvert person can also shine in an interview if he prepares well and steadily moves ahead in the whole session. In between when you know that you have lost it, even then don’t give up. The stress caused due to failing a number of sessions of an interview should not make you weak.

At last, errors are in human nature but a candidate can secure his place for employment by cracking these codes of success. Some minor mistakes can make or break one’s chances of getting hired. But never get disheartened and always take the time to prepare before as  “a stitch in time saves nine”. Don’t ever stress about how it went after it’s over because you can’t do anything about it. Be positive and look forward to another one.